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Wondrous Words Wednesday

July 12, 2017

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative!   If you want to play along, grab the button, write a post and come back and add your link to Mr. Linky!

I haven’t come across any new words in my current reading so I turned to my Word-a-Day calendar this week.

1. eleemonsynary – “A publishing house is not an eleemosynary organization: who today would publish Proust?” — Cynthia Ozick, Harper’s Magazine, April 2007

Eleemosynary is an adjective that means of, relating to, or supported by charity.


2. desuetude – “The old bridge, which fell into desuetude after the railroad was shut down, has recently been opened as a pedestrian walkway.”

Desuetude is a noun that means discontinuance from use of exercise: disuse.


3. vox populi – “It’s too early to determine with certainty just how much influence the vox populi will have on the new administration’s policy decisions.”

Vox populi is a noun that means popular sentiment.


What words do you want to celebrate today?

10 Comments leave one →
  1. July 12, 2017 3:28 am

    I can not even say that first one

  2. Patty permalink
    July 12, 2017 7:41 am

    Whoa…how could those even be used?

  3. July 12, 2017 8:16 am

    I knew #3 but probably will never use it in everyday conversation.

  4. bookingmama permalink
    July 12, 2017 8:21 am

    I knew #3. High school Latin still comes in handy every now and then.

  5. July 12, 2017 9:46 am

    I guess it’s time for the weekly “Let’s show everybody how much Lloyd doesn’t know.” Well, I got 1/3. So there!

  6. July 12, 2017 10:28 am

    I knew #2 but the others stumped me!

  7. July 12, 2017 12:13 pm

    You found some good ones in your calendar, Kathy. I like desuetude. It sounds old-fashioned and much like it’s meaning.

  8. July 12, 2017 2:08 pm

    I knew #3 from Latin also,I guess it never leaves you.

  9. July 12, 2017 6:35 pm

    All new to me, although I could figure out #3!

  10. Ryan permalink
    July 13, 2017 12:25 am

    I dare anyone to actually use eleemonsynary in conversation.

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