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Review: Come Rain or Come Shine

September 22, 2016

Come Rain or Come Shine

Dooley Kavanagh and Lace Harper are all grown up and on the eve of their marriage.  They’ve bought Doc Owen’s veterinary practice and Meadowgate and are working on it while planning their simple, country wedding.  They’ve got a big surprise in store for everyone and they pray everything will come together before their big day.

Come Rain or Come Shine by Jan Karon is the latest in her Mitford series.  Just like the other books in the series, it’s quiet, sweet, and comforting.  Fans of the series will enjoy returning to beloved characters and places.  The book won’t mean as much, though, if you’re not familiar with the series.  I’ve been a fan of these books for years and thought Come Rain or Come Shine was a solid addition to the series.  I’m hoping the marriage means there will be more Mitford books with this new generation in the future.

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  1. September 22, 2016 8:01 am

    It’s been too long since my last trip to Mitford!

  2. September 22, 2016 8:03 am

    Like JoAnn, I haven’t visited Mitford in a long, long time! Might be about time to start reading from the beginning. Oh, how Fr. Tim made me laugh! Off to see who the reader is for the audio books…

  3. Patty permalink
    September 22, 2016 8:09 am

    I loved these books at one time but have not read them in years!

  4. September 22, 2016 9:13 am

    I’ve never read Karon and don’t think I’ve ever come close to reading her – for whatever reason. It’s too late for me now!

  5. September 22, 2016 12:02 pm

    I haven’t read this series, and since this is #11, I don’t think I’ll be starting it. Glad you love the series though!

  6. September 22, 2016 12:15 pm

    How have I never read these books? Well, I must correct that…and soon. Thanks for sharing, and reminding me how much I love “comfort” reads.

  7. September 22, 2016 12:51 pm

    I have not read any book from this series though I have heard mentions of it. Glad that you enjoyed this one!

  8. September 22, 2016 1:03 pm

    Wonderful review of this book, Kathy! I’ve been reading the first book in this series, slowly but surely. The writing is truly beautiful.

  9. September 22, 2016 5:00 pm

    I wish I could get into this series. you’ve made it sound like going home with a cozy fire waiting to welcome!

  10. September 24, 2016 2:44 pm

    I’d have to start from the beginning, but that cover is inviting. It looks like a nice party

  11. September 24, 2016 5:30 pm

    I love the Mitford series, but I dropped off after Home to Holly Springs. I’d have to reread the whole series to remember enough details to move forward and it’s just too big of a commitment right now!

  12. September 26, 2016 10:57 pm

    I’ll have to get this one for my mom. I read the first one or two and liked them but I think my mom is all caught up.

  13. bookingmama permalink
    September 27, 2016 10:22 am

    I’m sure fans of the series will appreciate that a new book is out. I used to read this series religiously and then stopped. I don’t know if I will ever go back and play catch up.

  14. September 27, 2016 9:24 pm

    I just had a woman come in to the shop today asking for a Jan Karon book. She read one and now she is hooked.

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