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Review: The Trouble with Ants

February 19, 2016


The Trouble with Ants

Nora loves science and finds ants fascinating.  She has an ant farm and is recording ant data in a notebook.  No one else finds her ants all that interesting – neither her scientist parents or her classmates who would rather watch cat videos.  Can Nora convince everyone that ants are cool by setting a world record or writing a persuasive speech?

The Trouble with Ants by Claudia Mills is the first book in the The Nora Notebooks series and it is a gem.  There is so much to love about this book including:

  • a female protagonist who loves science
  • interesting ant facts scattered throughout the book
  • a fun and realistic storyline
  • fabulous illustrations by Katie Kath

In case you can’t tell, I adored this book.  I thought Nora was fabulous and a great role model for young females.  I enjoyed the ant facts and found myself sharing a few with other people.  For instance,

A worker ant is less than one-millionth the size of a human being.  But all of the ants in the world taken together weigh as much as all the human beings in the world.

The story in The Trouble with Ants is a lot of fun and Katie Kath‘s fun illustrations do much to augment it.  Pick this book up for the middle grade reader in your life!

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Review copy provided by Blue Slip Media.  I am an Indiebound Affiliate.
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  1. February 19, 2016 7:43 am

    Sounds very fun, especially since I too was fascinated by ants when I was little.

  2. February 19, 2016 7:58 am

    That looks really cute. I’ve often thought it would be cool to have an ant farm- for the kids especially- but can’t quite get over the idea of how awful it would be should the thing break.

  3. Patty permalink
    February 19, 2016 9:53 am

    OMG it sounds awesome adjust the kind of book kids love!

  4. February 19, 2016 10:03 am

    Your one fact alone makes me want to read the book.

  5. February 19, 2016 11:53 am

    Ants are fascinating creatures and this sounds like a great book to get kids interested in science

  6. February 19, 2016 1:08 pm

    I agree with Nora, ants are cool!

  7. February 19, 2016 3:25 pm

    I’ve been fascinated with ants since I was a child. This book looks and sounds wonderful!

  8. February 19, 2016 4:12 pm

    I also loved to watch ants as a kid. I still find them fascinating. I like your fact about the weight of ants.

  9. Deepika Ramesh permalink
    February 19, 2016 4:31 pm

    Lovely review. 🙂 This sounds like a kind of book that I would want to read with my nephew. 🙂

    Many thanks.

  10. February 19, 2016 8:14 pm

    This one is sure sounding like fun!

  11. Literary Feline permalink
    February 20, 2016 12:36 am

    My brother and I used to have an aunt farm. 🙂 It didn’t last long unfortunately, but I do remember just sitting and watching the ants for long periods of time. This sounds like a cute book.

  12. February 21, 2016 10:36 pm

    This sounds like a book I need to add to my Middle Grade reading list. Thank you for the great review!

  13. bookingmama permalink
    February 22, 2016 6:08 pm

    Totally agree about this book! Very cute with some great messages.

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