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Wondrous Words Wednesday

May 27, 2015

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative!   If you want to play along, grab the button, write a post and come back and add your link to Mr. Linky!

I found three great words in one sentence in Mademoiselle Chanel by C. W. Gortner.

I also had astrakhan-trimmed coats in silk velvet and quilted charmeuse with matching linings; black, red, and gold tabard dresses with square necklines, flared embroidered cuffs, and low-slung waists; and waterfall gowns beaded in lignite jet.

1. astrakhan – I found two definitions for astrakhan: karakul of Russian origin and a cloth with a usually wool, curled, and looped pile resembling karakul.  Reading those definitions made me wonder what a karakul is so I looked that up to.  A karakul is any breed of hardy fat-tailed sheep with a narrow body and coarse wiry fur.


2. tabard – A tabard is a short loose-fitting sleeveless or short-sleeved coat or cape.


3. lignite – Lignite is a usually brownish black coal intermediate between peat and bituminous coal.


What words do you want to celebrate today?

15 Comments leave one →
  1. May 27, 2015 4:02 am

    All are new to me.

  2. May 27, 2015 6:21 am

    Three in one! I would find a lot of unfamiliar words in a book about a fashion designer, probably, because I’m fashion-illiterate.

  3. May 27, 2015 6:56 am

    I only knew lignite.

  4. May 27, 2015 7:59 am

    Funny how some words stick with you: in the sixth grade I was in a 5 minute re-enactment of a book we were studying, and devised a “tabard” for my role as a page.

    Is astrakhan similar to what we sued to call “Persian lamb?

  5. May 27, 2015 9:17 am

    Astrakhan is new to me, but with your definition I think I can picture it in my head. Tabard I knew and I can’t tell you why, but lignite coal is a familiar term, I live in oil,gas and coal country! Great to find three in one sentence!

  6. May 27, 2015 9:21 am

    I consider myself fairly well read – and I’m old! But 3 words in the same sentence that I didn’t know is a bit humbling.

  7. beth hoffman permalink
    May 27, 2015 9:50 am

    I was clueless on all three!

  8. May 27, 2015 11:04 am

    One of my favorite teachers in high school was named Mr. Astrakhan! LOL!

  9. jmcguin7 permalink
    May 27, 2015 12:23 pm

    I didn’t know lignite.

  10. May 27, 2015 1:01 pm

    I actually know astrakhan because I watch way too much Project Runway and looked it up once! Bummer that I didn’t have any words this week.

  11. May 27, 2015 1:20 pm

    Wow – you hit the mother-lode in that sentence! Good catch. All three are new to me too.

  12. May 27, 2015 3:39 pm

    Lignite reminds me of the word ignite.

  13. May 27, 2015 4:06 pm

    Very nice 🙂

  14. May 27, 2015 7:40 pm

    Excellent wondrous words, Kathy. Lignite is especially “catchy”!

  15. bookingmama permalink
    May 31, 2015 8:13 am

    There are so many fashion terms that I’ve never heard of!

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