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At the movies: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

April 30, 2015

Second Marigold

Things are going well at the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel so Sonny decides it’s time to expand.  He has his eye on a building and approaches an investment firm for money.  They agree to have someone come inspect the hotel and when an unexpected guest shows up Sonny assumes it’s the inspector and goes out of his way to be accommodating.

Sonny has some competition for the building, though, and he’s shocked when he discovers who it is.  He’s also getting ready for his wedding but his fiancée is feeling neglected.

Even with its all star cast, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel lacked the charm and quiet humor of the original movie.  The scenery was still gorgeous and the acting was fine but the storyline was lacking so the movie really dragged in places.  I thought the movie was okay and think it’s one to rent at home.

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  1. April 30, 2015 6:39 am

    I have this but don’t have the first one yet so it’s still sitting there waiting for me.
    Sorry you didn’t like it as much as the original.

  2. Beth F permalink
    April 30, 2015 7:06 am

    I always keep my expectations low for sequel movies. I’ll wait to see it at home.

  3. April 30, 2015 7:27 am

    Never did get to the theater to see this one, but I would like to watch it at home.

  4. April 30, 2015 7:41 am

    We liked the first one and will take your advice to rent the second.

  5. April 30, 2015 8:04 am

    I remember watching parts of the first one but not being very impressed by it – maybe because I was watching it only in parts and not end to end. I’ll probably skip the second one.

  6. April 30, 2015 9:13 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I was very disappointed in this one, when I so enjoyed the 1st one. I’m not sure I would even suggest renting it!

  7. April 30, 2015 10:42 am

    I have the first one on my Netflix queue…. still need to get to it.

  8. April 30, 2015 10:49 am

    I was thinking about this in the theater, so glad to take your suggestion about waiting to see it on the small screen. My mother loved the first one, and like reading YA with my kids, I like to see movies I can talk about with her.

  9. April 30, 2015 11:44 am

    Too bad, but I will still watch it

  10. April 30, 2015 11:52 am

    I figured the sequel wouldn’t be as great as the first movie, but I’m still excited to see it. I’m definitely looking forward to reuniting with this cast of fun characters and beautiful India. Can’t wait to see it!

  11. April 30, 2015 1:20 pm

    I think sometimes originals are best left as originals without sequels. I haven’t seen the first yet but need to add it to my queue!

  12. Patty permalink
    April 30, 2015 3:18 pm

    Oh my..this seems to always happen with seconds!

  13. April 30, 2015 5:44 pm

    I’ll wait until it’s on HBO. Thanks for the opinion, I like the first one. “Quiet humor” is a good way to describe it.

  14. talesofwhimsy permalink
    April 30, 2015 7:12 pm

    I was thinking rental too. Thanks sugar.

  15. April 30, 2015 7:29 pm

    I think this will be a “home movie”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kathy. 🙂

  16. May 1, 2015 11:11 am

    That’ too bad – I loved the first one. I’ll still watch it but have my expectations in check.

  17. May 1, 2015 10:56 pm

    I still haven’t seen the first movie! I’ll keep that one in mind. Sorry to hear the sequel dragged 😦

  18. May 4, 2015 6:14 pm

    I really wanted to see this movie because I loved the first ond. For some reason it didn’t come to our local theater. I’ll have to rent it after all. Sounds like that’s a good thing.

    Thanks for including the trailer. The images are so beautiful and the one-liners are such fun.

  19. The Cue Card permalink
    May 6, 2015 4:44 pm

    Yeah I liked the original … though I might pass on this one. Once is probably enough

  20. May 9, 2015 10:04 pm

    I still need to see the first one!

  21. bookingmama permalink
    May 12, 2015 7:27 am

    I’m with stacybuckeye. I haven’t even seen the first movie yet.

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