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Review: Dating da Vinci

January 16, 2009


Ramona is a young widow who is stuck in her grief.  She is having trouble moving on with her life.  She teaches English as a Second  Language at a local culture center and when the new semester starts she encounters a young Italian immigrant, Leonardo da Vinci who will change her life.

da Vinci (as she calls him) needs a place to stay, so Ramona allows him to live in the studio in her backyard.  She finds herself daydreaming about him and before she knows it they are in a relationship.  Things are great at first, but then Ramona starts to feel like she is being used, and little things about da Vinci start to bother her.

Along with all of that, Ramona has to deal with her two young sons, her overbearing sister, her parents, her late husband’s mother and her friends.  Not to mention the fact that she’s working on her doctoral dissertation in linguistics. Everyone’s lives are entangled, resulting in an entertaining read.

I enjoyed Dating da Vinci by Malena Lott, even though it is somewhat predictable.  I thought Malena did an excellent job describing Ramona’s grief, and I found myself rooting for Ramona.  I think this book made me better understand how a grieving spouse feels.

Malena Lott is a brand and marketing consultant.  She is married and has three children.  Her favorite book is A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.  Dating da Vinci is her second novel.

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  1. January 16, 2009 7:10 am

    This is a really good review. I’ve been wondering about this book. This would definitely make a good vacation read.

  2. January 16, 2009 7:11 am

    I also read and reviewed this book. Here’s my review if you are interested:

    I liked it, however wasn’t “wowwed” by it.


  3. January 16, 2009 7:20 am

    hmmm…heard a lot about this book. Like the title and the cover too…

  4. January 16, 2009 7:32 am

    I enjoyed this one as well!

  5. January 16, 2009 8:20 am

    My gosh, you read fast!! What is this, review number three this week. I’m the “Pokey Little Puppy” compared to you!

    I remember thinking…”eh, maybe” when this one came up, but then I promptly forgot about it. Sounds interesting!

  6. January 16, 2009 8:37 am

    Sounds like a nice vacation read. I’ve been curious about it.

  7. January 16, 2009 9:18 am

    I have this on my BookMooch wishlist! 🙂 Perhaps it will show up soon!

  8. January 16, 2009 10:46 am

    I enjoyed reading this one too.

  9. January 16, 2009 10:55 am

    Nice review! I’ve gone back and forth on whether I want to read this one or not.

  10. January 16, 2009 11:26 am

    I enjoyed this one as well. It covered more of the grieving process than what I thought it would – a little more than a straight ‘chick lit’ book.

  11. January 16, 2009 11:55 am

    I really want to read and review this one! It sounds good. Very nice review!

  12. January 16, 2009 12:53 pm

    Nice review Kathy. I enjoyed this book too although yes it was predictable but these kind normally are. It was an easy read and I really liked the character of Ramona.

  13. January 16, 2009 2:07 pm

    I am sorry…I can’t read any book with da Vinci in the title…just can’t. 😉

  14. January 16, 2009 8:42 pm

    I love your reviews. This is one I passed up because I had too many in the pile, but it sounds like a great read.

  15. January 16, 2009 10:07 pm

    Nice review….looks like an interesting book…

  16. Krishna Kumar permalink
    January 16, 2009 11:01 pm

    Hi there! I landed here by random hopping…your weblog and your writings are very simple and the best..liked it very much 🙂

  17. January 17, 2009 1:33 am

    I was just thinking about what I was going to get my friend for her birthday and this book sounds right up her alley. Thanks for the great review, Kathy.

  18. January 17, 2009 8:16 am

    I’ve heard several people say it’s very predictable. It doesn’t really sound like my cup of tea anyway 😦

  19. January 17, 2009 6:39 pm

    My friend has that book.

  20. January 19, 2009 1:14 am

    I kindof liked this, but it was too much to handle for me most of the time. I felt that she was trying to hard to be something that she wasn’t….but maybe that was the point.

    Great review!

  21. January 19, 2009 3:08 pm

    Sounds like an interesting book. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Great review!

  22. January 21, 2009 8:01 pm

    I really don’t mind predictable books. After a very intense one, it’s a relaxing change.

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