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I am a Cheesemaker!

July 25, 2008

Inspired by Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, I ordered a 30 Minute Mozzarella Cheese Kit from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. The kit came this afternoon, and I was so excited, I ran straight to the store to buy milk and purified water. (It calls for unchlorinated water and I don’t know if our water has chlorine in it or not, so I decided to invest in purified water.)

As soon as I got home, I started making some mozzarella cheese and I’m happy to report it’s easy to make. Heat a gallon of milk (cow’s, goat’s, whole or skimmed) and add in citric acid and rennet. After the mixture gets to 90°, take it off of the stove and let it sit a little while. Then, cut the curd and return it to the stove. After draining the whey, microwave the curd. Add some salt and stretch and form the cheese and you’re done!

While I was making it, I kept thinking it didn’t look like any cheese I’d ever eaten before, but it came out great. The hardest part was stretching it, because it was really hot at that point. After I was through and started slicing the cheese, I realized I should have shaped my cheese a little differently, but it tastes great, so it doesn’t really matter. I will definitely be making more of this in the future. The kit also includes some recipes and directions for ricotta cheese.

This is curds and whey. You drain off the whey. I really wondered if I was doing it right at this point.

Curds ready to go in the microwave.

This is the finished product – for some reason I shaped it like a patty instead of a ball. Oh well, it still tastes good.

This is how it looked sliced.

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  1. carl permalink
    July 25, 2008 5:16 pm

    …. and I can say it was very good too. When combined with fresh from the garden tomatoes, there is not much better.

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